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Today I’m going to share with you one of my cravings and I’m pretty

sure once you try them you’ll crave them too. With these pancakes

Moroccans would enjoy their teatime, sometimes breakfast also.

They’re very poplular and a Moroccan woman should know how to

make these, for they taste so good. They come in many versions

since they can be stuffed with veggies or ground meat or simple

like these pancakes I’m going to share.

(step by step illustrations are included).

Psst! what do you think of my picture? 😉



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This dish is famous in Morocco, it’s a mixture of salty and sweet flavors. It may sound strange to some people but trust me it’s delicious. A lot of these dishes are especially cooked in special occasions (feasts, weddings, parties..). There are other similar dishes that I promise to post in the future.

So here is a picture of chicken vermicelli with almonds. You must be wondering where is the chicken then? hhhh..well you will know it after a while 😉


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This dish brings a lot of memories..As a child I always used to get excited when my mother cooked Tanjia for dinner. The smell of slow cooked meat is mouth watering and waiting for it to get ready was immensely torturious!

To give you an idea of how good it is, many times my fathers’ friends used to ask him to have this dish when he invited them over for dinner! LOL

It is a special Marrakchi dish made with meat and spices. Originally it is a recipe cooked by men when they go for outdoor picnics in spring time to play cards and enjoy music. It is cooked in a pot of clay for about 4 hours, usually in the public hammam (bath) where it’s covered and buried in hot ashes. If you go to Marrakech, you don’t want to miss savoring this Moroccan gourmet!

So, here is the pressure cooker version of this gourmet. Of course I prefer the original version, but this is better than nothing, and it is not bad at all!


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