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Someone sent me an email asking about a chicken soup recipe

that they enjoyed in Morocco. I didn’t know exactly which one was it.

But from the description that was given, I thought it was this one.

So I hope you’ll try it & like it whether it’s what you’re looking for

or not, because it’s a really flavorful soup. And forget Not to let me know

how you liked it!



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This dish is famous in Morocco, it’s a mixture of salty and sweet flavors. It may sound strange to some people but trust me it’s delicious. A lot of these dishes are especially cooked in special occasions (feasts, weddings, parties..). There are other similar dishes that I promise to post in the future.

So here is a picture of chicken vermicelli with almonds. You must be wondering where is the chicken then? hhhh..well you will know it after a while 😉


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