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The Indian food is extremely tasty and spicy, but for me it’s way too hot that I start sniffing. I don’t know why but I just don’t handle anything hot, that well. It also prevents me from tasting and enjoying the food. I guess I’m a special case, because Moroccans do like hot food but not as much as our neighbors in Tunisia ;). So, whenever we go to an Indian restaurant I make sure to have my food medium even if it’s a bit uncomfortable, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m a freak.LOL

I do love something called Daal (Lentil soup) & have been dying to get the recipe but not any recipe of daal, it has to be identical (or similar at least) with what they make at Cooper Chandni restaurant, which I highly recommend if you have one in the city! It’s REALLY tasty. I ve found one recipe once and tried it but it was anything ANYTHING except Daal. Can’t tell you how disappointed I felt 😦

I’m still looking for a real Daal soup..

So this was the second Indian recipe I tried. Surprisingly enough, it came out pretty good and you could tell that it’s Indian unlike what happened with the unfortunate Daal I made before lol! Yet, I’m sure if any Indian tried this they would say otherwise because it wasn’t HOT enough 🙂 but I can’t cook something I can’t handle!!


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