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The widely popular Moroccan soup called “Harira” is what you’ll smell in the afternoons of Ramadan in Morocco. With this hearty soup the majority of Moroccans break their fast; usually it comes second to drinking milk or water & eating few dates as it’s recommended in sunnah (the teachings of our prophet). Yummy I love milk & dates!! They’re just the right combination; & taste really good with this soup as well! Yumzzzz. The only thing I used to hate is that my mother used to serve it blazing hot & I hated it so much, because that means sitting there & waiting for it to get cool 😦 but soups are supposed to be hot & you’re supposed to watch it & die while waiting lol

It’s also worth noting that this soup is served also in winter nights to make you warm!

To make this wonderful soup, you’ll need:


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