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I don’t know why a lot of the Moroccan cuisine give me the impression that it is more of a ritual than anything else. I have not seen anywhere else people being full heartedly devoted to their cooking traditions as I have seen it & feel in every Moroccan home I ve been to. You feel that especially in weddings if you were lucky and close enough from the family celebrating to take a peek to what’s going on in the kitchen (usually it’s an open area where they would hire women cooks who have the reputation of cooking for weddings) to enjoy the smells of the refined meals destined for the guests Usually this process of cooking takes long hours of slow cooking and acute attention. Well, not all families do this these days because they prefer the fancy way (hiring a company to fix all the arrangements for you instead of going through the trouble). Anyways, I think it just shows how important are traditions in my country.

This dish is made usually for special events, so I thought I would share it because it’s really worth trying and gives you an idea of why the Moroccan cuisine is both famous & addictive. The results can not be described in words! Trust me.

We had this dish for our dinner special in Ramadan, & while eating I told my hubby “hmmm I’m glad mom taught me how to make this. His reply came spontaneous: “So am I!!!” 🙂 I didn’t mean to but I guess I just made him think of how much lucky he is 😉 lol


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