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This might sound really weird to some of you, but there’s nothing I hate more than using a store-bought cake mix. That’s why when I stumbled upon Lynn’s brownie mix I was delighted, because it’s a mix BUT homemade. I like to call them Lazy brownies, because they are for those days when you are lazy & all you have to do is crave some brownies. 5 min away, & VOILA! No mess, no headache. I won’t be lying to you if I said that these brownies made me famous among my circle of friends, and obviously all asked for the recipe.



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Since the potato pancakes are generally fried, I came up with another

version of these. That would be baked potato pancakes. They taste so

much lighter & you don’t feel as guilty as you do when eating the fried

ones. And if you’re too busy to play the cook that day, you can still

pretend you are. 😉

These are not time consuming! I’m saying these because they were

supposed to be made into the shape of croquettes but I was busy

so I ended up shaping them this way instead!


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