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Ok guys, I am finally & officially back to business again. And now it’s time to announce the re-opening of my “Do it the Moroccan way” blog.  On this occasion, I want to thank  Moroccoblogs for their post about my blog. My thanks also extend to the unknown reader who told them about it. It made my day, and you all should know that I’m ecstatic to start blogging again. 

Not blogging for a little more than year, didn’t feel right to me. I guess I could have just started a new blog, but I kinda resisted the idea. Simply, because I loved this blog, and wanted to keep it. And for those of you who are wondering, well let me tell you that there was nothing wrong with the blog. The only thing was  that I could not log in. And that’s why many of your comments were not approved, until recently. All it took me, is a trip to Morocco to log in to my blog! (Hey! did I just make it sound like I went all the way to Morocco just to log in to my blog?) Wouldn’t that be interesting?. Well no. Actually we were there for vacation. Although, I think that if I could afford to do so, I would have done it. So now, how about we talk about some food?

I didn’t plan this post, it’s just what I was making & thought to share with you on the blog. For a new post I would have loved to celebrate with brownies or cupcakes, but we can still do that later, right? So today it’s a red day, because of the beets which unfortunately can be somewhat underrated in some cultures. My Syrian neighbor told me that they would use them only to color pickled parsnips. In Morocco, we actually eat them. And if your parents happen to be Moroccan, you better eat your beets. I remember as a kid the only fun thing about eating beets is, that lipstick effect I would get from the pigment in the beet!! And FYI, if you have issues with indigestion, blood pressure, or even halitosis, well there you have it (it’s called beet).



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OK I know some of you are going to say: are you kidding me? This looks like salsa to me, besides salads are much advanced these days to just have two veggies in it & still call it salad. Well, I know that but I have to tell you that this is a Moroccan smart salad. First, because it’s wearing the Moroccan flag’s colors; red & green which is very patriotic of this famous salad ;). (Forgiveness is highly expected from you when it comes to one of those silly ramblings of mine.(Blush). Yeah, I was saying it’s a smart salad. First, because it comes in many versions for different seasons: (either fresh & that means raw veggies, roasted veggies or roasted & then cooked) & each one of them is different in flavor even if they almost have the same ingredients. And sorry to tell you that you’re not lucky enough to see all versions today. I made this one a while ago & now it’s ready to show up!. Anyway, what makes it very famous in my Morocco is because it’s easy, cheap, & very yummy. Really sometimes I wonder how you could get something so tasty & refreshing out of such a short list of ingredients! I don’t want to forget to mention that a plus with this one is that even kids can make it!

You’ll need Tomato + green pepper + minced garlic + coriander/parsley ( better chopped) + salt + cumin + olive oil. Mix together & taste. What I do is just mix all & add garlic, cumin or salt if needed or until it tastes perfect! Oh by the way, mom used to add a jalapeño to this sometimes. (I can’t tolerate it)!


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