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A wonderful flavor that brings up wonderful childhood memories. We used to have this smoothie a lot during those summer days when the sun starts heating up over the heads. I have to admit that one glassful was never enough for me! And surely enough mom knew how to put vitamin A in each one of us. As you see I served this with fruits, and that’s for a reason (In Morocco, we eat fruits for our desserts). So don’t be surprised if this comes in the dessert category 🙂 



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At any given time of the day, the Moroccan mint tea gives a promise to lift up a low, stressed spirit. It’s widely consumed in Morocco. It’s also a sign of generosity, a crowd pleaser, brings family & friends together and it would simply make your day much better. I have had different tea types from bags & stuff but my Moroccan tea satisfies me the most. And really sometimes, I feel bad for those who never had the chance to enjoy it. So, here is the step by step illustrations for you guys, if anyone needs to feast on some tea. And what’s better than a cup of tea and cookie?!



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Just another way to drink your milk!

1 cup peeled almonds

Sugar to taste

1 liter milk ( you can use more or less, depends on how you like it)

1 drop of almond essence (don’t use more than that.it’s bitter!)

– Blend all the ingredients & serve it cold 🙂

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After a long day of fasting, we needed to have something to quench the thirst

and fuel our veins. So, this carrot and peach blend was definitely the perfect

call. I remember in the summer when my mother would make this, she

usually fills bottles & keep them in the fridge. They would just disappear

in NO TIME! 

Well, I guess now you know I’m a big fan of orange colored juices and drinks.

In this recipe I added an ingredient (peach) to my mother’s original

recipe and the result was delishhhhhhhhhh that you don’t wanna miss it. 




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